Triq L. Pisani, Mgarr   (Next door to Bella Vista apartments)

 Tel: 21 570 810       Mob: 99 879 263

Hair by Rose

Qualified City & Guilds of London Institute / Habia

Trained with:

KEUNE / Lisap / Framesi / Daviness / Tigi

A hairdresser with a passion

Being a hairdresser is not only about having a pair of scissors to cut hair with. It is not just about holding a tinting brush in your hand to colour hair with or a round-brush for blow-dries. You must adapt your individual skills for every distinct type of hair. That is why I love to be creative and artistic when performing my job as a professional hairdresser. My aim is to create an individual look that suits the personality of each and every client in particular, thus making them feel and look absolutely special with that extraordinary image.

Up to date with the latest

trends in hairstyles

Throughout the past decade I have met successful masters from the world of hairdressing from whom I have acquired and refined my skillset. I have also gained a healthy repertoire of alternate skills from my attendance at seminars, and in this way have kept myself up-to-date with the latest trends, whilst remaining well-informed about the best product-selling companies on the market.

Hairstyles with personality

Personally, I absolutely love dressing up! Why? I love to see that complete look in the mirror, before going out on a special occasion. For me, hair is an accessory, a special luxury that pops out to grab everyone’s attention! In fact, I just love all kinds of hairstyles, from neat & sleek styles, to weaves, braids, ponytails, French curls, Pompadour curls, Victorian rolls, backcombs, beehives, extensions, bouffants, chignons, buns, and everything else! There is simply so much variety from a timeless era of styles that have crafted today’s fashion scene.


Service with care for
your well-being

Everyone is welcome in my salon, as we are a team business that caters for women, men, and kids. In fact, we do everything possible to make each of our clients as satisfied as possible, from issuing loyalty cards to recommending the best products for each person’s individual use, taking into consideration everyone’s particular hair condition. What’s more, I only use products that are really gentle on the skin and hair texture, and that complement the styling. To know more about the products, always refer to the manufacturer’s information.

Triq L. Pisani, Mgarr